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Comment Road protest site Anti-nuclear site UK Acts of Parliament 1988 onwards &
UK Court websites; these are good sites for general information on the courts, jury service, small claims and provide access to a number of forms online. "This fact sheet describes the law of evidence as it relates to confessions of defendants in criminal cases." The website has an introduction to forensics for medical students and is a good starting point for those interested in this aspect of the legal system and foresnics in general. There is also other useful material to be found here, including on the law of evidence. InternetRights covering various aspects of how the law relates to the internet and online campaigning. Police Leadership & Powers Unit: Home Office section dealing with police proceedures & powers, PACE and police interaction in the community. The Register, a general and irreverant information technology news site, regularly covering legal stories relevant to privacy, data protection and other online/internet issues. UK Campaign for Freeedom of Information Non-profit organisation providing campaign resources and workshops for UK activist groups. Includes some legal work. Blatant Incitement project: links to various activists groups providing resources for others, including legal. Liberty, the UK non-profit group monitoring human rights in the UK

Newspaper law reports

The Daily Telegraph | The Times | Hansard

Specific Legal Sites

Harassment Law:

Criminal law website:

Useful legal advice at the police station:

Statewatch - monitoring civil liberties in EU legislation:

Mayday Legal Advice webpage: (part of

Legal Defense & Monitoring Group

"The LDMG provides legal observers for protests/demonstrations. They cannot cover every event but are always willing to advise. They also provide unconditional support for anyone arrested on protests where they had legal observers."
Write to them at (please send a stamped self-addressed envelope):
LDMG, c/o BM Haven, London, WC1N 3XX.

LDMG UPDATE is an email only newsletter. To subscribe send a blank e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to

Activist Prisoners Support Groups in the UK

Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG)
PO Box 194,
T/F: 020 82 92 83 25

See also, which includes a catering informtion pack for all prisons in the UK, with details on what foods and menus are available, and dietary requirements catered for.

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407,

Animal Liberation Front Support Group
BCM 1160,

Earth Liberation Prisoners
c/o CRC,
16 Sholebroke Avenue,
LS7 3HB.
The Federation of Prisoners Families Support Groups
Unit 102 Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, London, SW6 3JD
T: 0207 384 1987
F: 0207 384 1855


The following are books which we have found useful. We do not endorse everything they say or argue.

Points To Prove
Author: Stewart Callaghan
ISBN: 0-95-3305899
Publisher: New Police Bookshop.
Price: available from Hammicks Legal Bookshops ( at £13.
Note: this is a pocket guide to the law designed for policemen to carry about. It has good explainations of the legal terms and how they should be interpreted. Ideal for waving at coppers to show that you know the law as well and they have no excuse for trampling your rights.
PACE Police Codes of Practice

ISBN: 0-11-3411782
Publisher: The Stationary Office (HSMO)
Note: This is the booklet you are legally required to offered while in a police cell. It sets out the various powers the police have under the PACE act and some interpretations of them.

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